Today, I will teach you how to cook a delicious Fried Mushroom with Chicken. This recipe is a Bengali item which is popular in Bangladesh and West India recently. Normally, any kind of fried food is popular in these zones. In this continuation, this recipe is a new edition here. I think it will be popular in western countries if they can cook it properly. For this reason, I have thought about writing this recipe so that the people from western areas can cook it.

Cooking ingredients:

  • Any kind of fresh mushroom (200gm)
  • Boneless Chicken (100gm)
  • Fresh Potatoes (300gm)
  • Mung bean (50gm)
  • Cornflower powder (50gm)
  • Fresh Onion (50gm)
  • Fresh Pepper (As required)
  • Cooking Salt (As Required)
  • Masala mixed spices (As required)
  • Fresh Carrot (100gm)
  • Soybean oil (As required to fry)

Cooking method:

  • First, chop the fresh mushrooms, boneless chicken, fresh onions, fresh peppers and fresh carrots.
  • Then, potatoes and mung beans should be boiled well.
  • After that, grind the boiled potatoes and mung beans well.
  • Then, mix the chopped mushrooms, chicken, onions, peppers and carrots together with mashed potatoes and mung beans. Add enough cooking salt to this mixture.
  • A quantity of masala mixed spices must be mixed with this mixture. Then add a little water to prepare the mixture completely for frying.
  • Then, make several balls like golf balls. You can make different shapes, but the size should be the same as a golf ball to fry properly.
  • Now take a pan on the stove and heat the soybean oil in that pan. Wait until the oil boils.
  • Then leave a few balls in the boiling oil and fry them completely. Once fried well, drain the oil well with the help of a strainer. Fry all the balls like this.

By the way, delicious Bengali Fried Mushroom with Chicken is ready. Now eat this delicious dish with sauce, jelly or salad.